You have an ability to order the unique product on the prices of the producer. Our work is based on piece and small wholesale trading. Specialization: fabrication of decorative product in the manner of ceramic three-dementional panno for interior decoration of appartments, offices, bathhouses, restaurants and bars.

Delivery inside Latvian borders is realized by our transport. Outside Latvia orders are sent with help of “Latvian Post” or by transport of a customer. The cost of delivery: half - an author, half - a customer. The period of the fabrication: during 7-14 days since day of the reception of the order and depending on the size of an order. Delivery in Latvia is done during one day after payment of the order. Outside Latvia - depending on remoteness of the customer, on period, provided by “Latvian Post”, after payment of the order. The first and single orders - downpayment in full amount, the repeated and small wholesale (not less than 5 pieces) - downpayment 50%.

The note: pictures, exposed in section “gallery”, in majority are already sold. The prices and sizes are specified You to be better orientated, before You’ve done the order. If You want to order anything that is already found in “gallery”, then indicate, please, name of the gallery section and number of the picture.

To make an order on our product You have to send it to our e-mail (keramik at inbox.lv) or call us – (+371) 29207737.

Ring, write, we’ll be pleased to cooperate with You.